What is Active Recovery?

Hello! Welcome to our first blog post… we wanted to start by answering a simple, but important, question: what is “active recovery?” 

Active recovery is a type of workout that involves performing low-intensity exercise to promote blood flow and muscle recovery to speed up the process of returning to pre-workout or pre-injury levels. This encompasses a wide range of interventions, including an emphasis on flexibility and muscle length, coordination and balance training, and strength training. As your rehab progresses, we increasingly incorporate strength, dynamic balance, and functional training to aid in your return to sport, work, or daily activities. 

The name “Active Recovery” perfectly sums up our therapeutic, sport, and exercise philosophies. In regards to injury, there are very few instances in which complete rest is warranted. The art of rehab is finding the line between injury and challenge and respecting it along your journey.

In that spirit, the mission of Active Recovery Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab is to provide hometown, patient-centered, quality care that empowers our patients and athletes to achieve their highest levels of function in pursuit of their personal health and wellness goals. Our mission is to be a positive example of our profession and the larger medical community through our commitment to education, both of ourselves and of our patients as their own best advocates.

Remember our motto, “Get Active. Be Active. Stay Active.” Just like your car needs gas to drive you across town, your body performs at its best when you take the time to properly fuel and maintain it. After all, a body in motion stays in motion!


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